Many people contact us about buying one of our many domain names we registered back in the 1990's and are told we seldom sell our names but we are happy to rent them. I hope this page will help answer some questions and explain what we do. If you have other questions or would like to discuss the rental of one of our names feel free to e-mail us at Info @

Renting a domain name may seem unusual but the same laws apply to the rental of a domain name that do for the rental of an office or storefront.

We have been renting our domains since 2004 and we are one of the first companies to offer rentals of domain names.  With years of experience, we are leaders in the rental field. Renting domain names has been our vision since 1998 when we acquired the domain name



Q. What prevents you from not renewing my lease and selling or renting the domain name to someone else for more money then I am paying?

A. Our reputation for one but we also have a clause in our lessee that prevent us from selling or renting the domain for a year after your lease expires.

Q. Can I get an option to buy the domain name?

A. We rarely sell our domain names we prefer to lease them at reasonable prices but if we can agree on a price that the domain name will be worth at a future date then yes.

Q. How long do your leases run?

A. Up to 10 years with a 5 year option.

Q. what is the average price of a domain name rental?

A. Domain rentals start at $300.00 a year but I would say the average is around $1,000 a year.

Q. Who is responsible for renewing the domain name?

A. We are, all our domains are automatically renewed so they will never expire. 

Q. If I decide I no longer want to rent the domain can I get out of the lease?

A. Yes you can cancel the lease at any time with a  60 day notice, we on the other hand do not have this option and will abide by the lease for as long as you want to rent the name.

Q. If I sell my Internet business that uses one of your domain  names does the lease go with it?

A. Yes we will honor your current lease with the new owner and we can even negotiate a new lease if you like.


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